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Parado's fatality :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 10 3 Kamen Rider Huntress Ryuki Gamer Level 2 :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 4 0 Sylux Ex-Aid Era :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 7 0 Kamen Rider Huntress (bust side view close-up) :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 1 0 Metroid Kamen Rider Generations Vol 2 cover 2 :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 31 0 Kamen Rider Huntress Chambara Action Gamer LV3 :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 7 0 Gashacon Lansniper (Spear Mode) :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 3 0 Gashacon Lansniper (Sniper Mode) :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 2 0 Specter Sharivan Damashii :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 6 0 Kamen Rider Huntress Gavan Gamer Level XV :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 7 0 Ex-Aid Metroid Gamer and Huntress Action Gamer :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 5 0 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Metroid Gamer LV2 :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 9 1
Top 10 Asshole Victims in the Kamen Rider series
Here is my Top 10 Asshole Victims in the Kamen Rider series, this is a list where villains in KR or sometimes characters who are outright dicks who are killed with the outcome is very satisfying.
10. Graphite (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid): One of the first villains to be killed after ten episodes. Yes, Graphite is the cause of Saki's (Hiiro's girlfriend) death, and the reason Taiga got his license revoked. But after Graphite is rubbed out by the four doctor Riders, neither Dan nor Pallad mourned of his demise.
9. Kitazaki (Kamen Rider Faiz): Of all the Orphenochs, Kitazaki is a psychopathic, sadistic SOB. Let's not forget he was the one who caused a massacre on a school alumni reunion. But, after he is beaten by Faiz and Delta in episode 49, Kitazaki is devoured by the Orphenoch King, after witnessing Kitazaki's death the only thing Takuma/Centipede Orphenoch can do is run away and scream like a girl.
8. Ryoma Sengoku (Kamen Rider Gaim): Ryoma is one of the three epitomes o
:iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 3 4
Kamen Rider Huntress Puzzle Gamer Level 50 :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 8 5 Ghor Ex-Aid Era :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 2 0 Sin Specter Ex-Aid Era :iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 6 0


Mature content
COMMISSION//Wait, so who's the virgin here... :iconshadako26:Shadako26 255 44
Mature content
Samus 1-50 :icon3dbabes:3dbabes 210 4
Nami :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 1,272 29
Mature content
Tina Armstrong X Kokoro Take 4 :icondesmondlogan:desmondlogan 13 6
Samus Aran :iconzlide:ZliDe 162 25 FAN ART - The Third Party :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 567 21 Dan Kuroto :iconmalecoc:malecoc 10 2 DOA5LR Belldandy Revised Preview by SSPD077 :iconfaytrobertson:faytrobertson 40 22 Samus Poster :iconaaaninja:aaaninja 121 5 Samus Aran :iconakiratsurugi:AkiraTsurugi 82 5 Cute Samus :iconfrozendiablo:FrozenDiablo 406 37 PATREON - Witchblade :iconidarkshadowi:IDarkShadowI 166 21 Onar(Kamen Rider Ghost) :iconend2303:END2303 10 2 Samus Aran :icondantewontdie:DanteWontDie 1,947 26 The Chief :iconoscar-is-happy:Oscar-is-Happy 315 18 Samus :iconelee0228:elee0228 403 34



Kamen Rider Huntress Hunter Action Gamer LV5 Full
The Full Dragon Mode of Kamen Rider Huntress Hunter Action Gamer LV5 by yours truly.

Given to the previous designs of Huntress's previous forms, her Level 2 to 5 forms are expy-shadow archetypes to a Metroid's life cycle, as Samus in the Metroid canon as of Fusion has Metroid DNA. Her Action Gamer Level 2 represents the Alpha Metroid, Her Level 3 forms Beat and Combat Action Gamer represents the Gamma Metroid, while Level 5, through Hunter Action Gamer (either Dragon Fang Arm or Full Dragon) and Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat represents the Zeta Metroid.

This is for gokyr586, Metalknightrider, EeveeNicks , LadyAran, and bladerunner1216 

For more of Huntress, see:
-Level 2:
(Action Gamer Level 2): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
-Level 3 Forms:
(Beat Action Gamer Poppi Pipopapo version): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
(Combat Action Gamer SP): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
(Robot Action Gamer): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
(Chambara Action Gamer): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
-Level 5 Forms:
(Dragon Fang Arm): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
-Super Mode:
(Puzzle Gamer Level 50): imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…
(close up side view)imperialdramondrmode.deviantar…

UPDATE: 02/28/2017: Dragon Blade and Gun updated as well as the leg armor. To be honest, drawing the blade and gun part is very difficult to do!
UPDATE 03/11/2017: Made some changes with the Dragon Blade and Gun by extending their lengths more.
Kamen Rider Huntress Ryuki Gamer Level 2
My first Legend Rider form for Huntress based on Kamen Rider Ryuki. Basically, that's Samus using the Mirror Labyrinth Ryuki Gashat.


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Patrick "Pat" Bautista
Full name: Patrick Chan Bautista

Nickname: Pat

Date of Birth: February 28, 1994



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NO. and learn how to write and spell correctly next time!
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Other riders of kabuto
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