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DIVE TOO DEEP for LadySamusAran and LadyAran by imperialdramonDRMode
DIVE TOO DEEP for LadySamusAran and LadyAran
I thought about drawing Kamen Rider Deep Specter's Power Suit makeover to cope with my recent anxiety problems for a reason. Because, I had been into episodes of anxiety attacks affecting my mental health to the point I might reach into the point of insanity. That being said, this will be the last time I'd be drawing Rider Suits until Kamen Rider Ex-Aid airs this October. I feel like I want to trash all my previous Rider Suit designs because I feel so unappreciated, and/or that my designs are not so appreciated. Sorry, because I feel so depressed to the point I really want to give up everything that I worked here. I feel like I'm also tempted into handing over my crossover fic to someone else as well.

This is for gokyr586, LadySamusAran (who is now EeveeNicks in her and AO3 usernames) and LadyAran.

An important message to LadyAran and EeveeNicks:

I feel such a jerkass trying to get your attention. Sorry guys, I feel that my stuff here in deviantart aren't so much given a good feedback lately. I have no one else to turn when dealing with my problems, It feels like I've been bottling up all my problems deep inside before I might completely break. I feel so miserable when you guys haven't made feedbacks to my previous stuff, I've been doing my best trying to fight with my problems, but I can't seem to find anyone around to help me with it.
Ridley Destroyer Armor Final for LadySamusAran by imperialdramonDRMode
Ridley Destroyer Armor Final for LadySamusAran
Ryugen's Power Suit makeover gets more guns from shoulder to the arms in place of an Arm Cannon. The High Frequency Cannon on the right, two Power Vulcans on the arms, and a high bore twin missile launcher on the left shoulder. No wonder I call this as the Ridley Destroyer Armor, or the Metapurpose Armorsuit Interexpansion system, acronym as M.A.I. Also, the armor itself is more War Machine-like due to many weapons.

The acronym for the Ridley Destroyer as the Metapurpose Armorsuit Interxpansion or M.A.I. is likely named after Mai Takatsukasa/The Woman of the Beginning.

Any thoughts LadySamusAran and gokyr586?
Depression is affecting my creativity! I can't even find something to seek help. I have been isolated in my room for a very long time. :(
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) by imperialdramonDRMode
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)
Finished the game with simply 91% of item collection rate. Regardless, I'll try with Hard Mode next time with 100%.

Have you guys played the game, LadySamusAran and LadyAran?
Clone Makoto doesn't like Yoshio Sakamoto by imperialdramonDRMode
Clone Makoto doesn't like Yoshio Sakamoto
OMG. Really, Makoto? Do you think you can do that?! LOL, seems you're so obsessed with Metroid too?


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Patrick "Pat" Bautista
Full name: Patrick Chan Bautista

Nickname: Pat

Date of Birth: February 28, 1994

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