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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Metroid Gamer LV2
Special thanks to raidenzein for one of his Ex-Aid forms artwork I used as a template. It took me some month to draw a Legend Gamer form for Ex-Aid.

This Legend Gamer form is based on Metroid. And hypothetically, the Gashat's name would be "Space Warrior Metroid". This one is for Metalknightrider, EeveeNicks, LadyAran, and bladerunner1216 

Here is my Top 10 Asshole Victims in the Kamen Rider series, this is a list where villains in KR or sometimes characters who are outright dicks who are killed with the outcome is very satisfying.

10. Graphite (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid): One of the first villains to be killed after ten episodes. Yes, Graphite is the cause of Saki's (Hiiro's girlfriend) death, and the reason Taiga got his license revoked. But after Graphite is rubbed out by the four doctor Riders, neither Dan nor Pallad mourned of his demise.

9. Kitazaki (Kamen Rider Faiz): Of all the Orphenochs, Kitazaki is a psychopathic, sadistic SOB. Let's not forget he was the one who caused a massacre on a school alumni reunion. But, after he is beaten by Faiz and Delta in episode 49, Kitazaki is devoured by the Orphenoch King, after witnessing Kitazaki's death the only thing Takuma/Centipede Orphenoch can do is run away and scream like a girl.

8. Ryoma Sengoku (Kamen Rider Gaim): Ryoma is one of the three epitomes of a mad scientist up to date we love to hate. But, ep 43 of Gaim was the last straw once Ryoma flips his shit at the sight of Lord Baron. Ultimately, once Ryoma falls to his death, Minato is at loss for words either.

7. Phoenix (Kamen Rider Wizard): Episode 23 shows that Phoenix being trapped in the sun in a state of perpetual death and revival shows that even Medusa is apathetic with it.

6, Takeshi Asakura (Kamen Rider Ryuki): Most especially in Episode Final movie. Once Ryuga takes away his powers, looks like nobody sympathized with him anyway. This also applies in the TV series where Asakura is gunned down by the police.

5. Sid (Kamen Rider Gaim): Him getting crushed by Roshuo is kinda awesome to watch.

4. Jun Shibaura (Kamen Rider Ryuki): Getting outsmarted by Ouja shows that Jun got what he had deserved.

3. Masato Kusaka (Kamen Rider Faiz): Kusaka's death at the hands of Kiba could be considered this doubling as a tearjerker. But in Paradise Lost, nobody, including Mari weren't upset about it either.

2. Redyue (Kamen Rider Gaim): After she got her ass kicked by Kouta in episode 41, it was satisfying.

1. Tenjuro Banno (Kamen Rider Drive): After the mad scientist is reduced to a mere belt after beaten by his own son, the only thing Banno can do after seeing Go pulling out a big FREAKIN' axe is begging for mercy! Ah, music to our ears once we hear Banno's agonizing scream when Go puts the final nail to his father's coffin.

Here is an honorable mention for the following characters:

  • Chikara Saionji (Kamen Rider Ghost)
  • Jun Kazu (Kamen Rider W)
  • Gremlin (Kamen Rider Wizard)
  • Shinkuro Isaka (Kamen Rider W) [thanks to erubin]

Top 10 Asshole Victims in the Kamen Rider series
A Kamen Rider-related list that I wrote in which characters who died as Asshole Victims and they had it coming!


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